Biodiversity Conservation & Research Trust (BCRT) greatly acknowledge by thanking the following individual(s)/organization(s) who supported our activities.


1. The people of Anuganalu village for their generous gift of barren land (15 acres) for the genesis of BCRT institute. The success of today’s BCRT work is due to the backbone support from Anuganalu and surrounding villagers who care the most for BCRT.


2. Late Sri Ramenahalli Range Gowda’s family, relatives and friends for their priceless support and encouragement provided to Dr. Malali Gowda (founder, BCRT) for implanting BCRT at Anuganalu Village.


3. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kandali, Hassan; Department of Watershed, Hassan; Department of Horticulture, Hassan; Wild life Society, Hassan; Taluk and Zilla Panchayat, Hassan; Karnataka Biodiversity Board, Bangalore; Jalakoota, Kasaragod and Center for Alternative Agricultural Media, Dharwad for their support and also for implementing some of the eco-agricultural work at the BCRT campus.


4. Mr. Sivaramakrishnan Muthusamy, Mr. Jayanth G.Ranganath, Mr. Carl Clemens, Ms. Roopalakshmi K. and Mr. Vishwesha Guttal for inspiration and support to BCRT and their generous help in building BCRT website.


5. Mr. Jayanth G.Ranganath for his help in writing most of BCRT activities in the website,


6. Mr. Clement Francis for providing us his photograph as the logo in the BCRT website.


7. Dr. K. S. Shashidhar, Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore, India for providing a folk song on Seegegudda (rain-hill).


8. Nature conservation volunteer team (Jayanth G R, Shankar S, Ramanan, Chandrachud M, Sivaramakrishnan M, Vishwesha G, Sachit Rao, Tejaswi N V and Venkataraghavan R), which coordinated by the courtesy of Mr. Jayanth G.R (Email: at The Ohio State University Columbus, who made donations to BCRT activities in 2005.


9. The Karnataka State Government for recognized and appreciating BCRT by awarding prestigious Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Environment Award for the year 2006-2007.


10. The Association for India’s Development (AID), Columbus Chapter ( at The Ohio State University Columbus, which sponsored a project ($3000) on February 2006 to carryout afforestation in seven villages around the BCRT campus.


11. The Rays of Hope Foundation (RHF), Columbus, USA for joining hands with BCRT to create awareness among school students and farmers on environment and forest eco-system.