The Replication of BCRT’s Environment Conservation Model


Our work at BCRT has drawn the attention of many villager and village leaders of the surrounding villages to Anuganalu. The leaders have personally visited BCRT campus and our efforts were appreciated. They were motivated and inspired by our work they realized the importance and the advantages of conservational activity. Their personal opinion was to replicate the same model in their respective villages to accrue the benefits of environment through conservation.  Already in few of villages they have started to implement by adopting BCRT kind of work. Thus the BCRT’s focus on the grass root level work has already instilled the commitment in the people minds and community to get involved in the conservation activity. Everyday we get many enthusiastic visitors to our campus basically to see the ecological restoration models on a grassroot scale. The BCRT's grass root level work turns out to be pioneer in ecological restoration of the Malnad region. The activities have inspired the visitors to replicate the same in their own villages. Thus we have found the grassroot work will definitely have a great impact on the people mind in the surrounding villages of Anaganalu.

Listed below are some of the villages and organizations who are planning to replicate the success achieved by BCRT in the ecological work. For more information, please free to contact