Birthday-Tree-Grove (BTG)


Birthday-Tree-Grove (BTG)

What is Birthday -Tree-Grove (BTG)?

BTG is a new project of BCRT started in 2008 with the goal of encouraging and involving every human in tree planting process during special days such as Birthdays, Wedding days and Anniversaries. This project will promote forest conservation and afforestation and help people play a role in addressing and solving global environmental issues. BCRT will plant a tree sapling on behalf of you for you and for your loved ones.

Objectives :

1. Plant a tree for occasions

2. Label planted trees – person, date/place of occasion/event, tree name, etc.

3. Create awareness on environmental issues and encourage visitors to plant tree saplings


BTG Location:


Lake bund or hill near Anuganalu Village, Hassan, Karnataka


Boomika’s idea of planting trees for Birthdays

Motivation Inspiration for BTG

Planting a tree for birthday was started by a little girl, Boomika in Hassan. She came with an excellent idea to plant a tree for her birthday. She approached BCRT team and expressed her ideas for reality. On behalf of BCRT, she planted tree saplings on January 2006 in her school in Hassan. After seeing Boomika's interest and her contribution to environment, many more school kids came forward to plant trees during their birthdays. Seeing the inspiration in kids, many more people liked this idea and the successes in planting trees for birthdays in India and USA.


Why participate in BTG?

1. Opportunity to plant a tree or a sapling even though you may not own a piece of land

2. Tree planting for occasions is personal pride

3. Contribute to environment

4. Encourage/educate others on local and global environment issues

How to participate in BTG?

You can participate in BTG by planting a tree for an occasion. The occasion can be a Birthday, Wedding Day, Wedding Anniversary, Father’s day, Mother’s day and Valentine ’s Day. You can also choose to plant a tree for any holidays such as Independence Day and Memorial Day. You can not only plant a tree for yourself but also for your loved ones. Each tree costs only $10 US (Rs.10 - 100 in India).

Want to donate or contribute to BTG?

If you are interested in being a part of the BTG project, you are welcome to join us and contact us for more information.


How to reach us?


 BCRT expanding its BTG footprints Click here.